Sunday, February 01, 2009


Big storm moving into area

Just look at that rain .. better hurry

Since the 'boys' are on the way back, we take just a few minutes to see what they are up to.

Looks like they are taking naps

It starts with the turn of a head ...

then a bit of leg or two ...

add a wiggle ...

lean a bit ...

a neck stretch ...

and that's how a very big Lion rolls over, lol.

Rexon saying the the lighting is getting big and close. He thinks the clouds look like they could hold a tornado. Hurry back to camp guys.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
A very BIG storm did move through the area, with lighting hitting a main mast (the one they use to connect to the 'outside world') and a rat has damaged the cable at the waterhole cam. Got the waterhole cam fixed but there are some major issues with the damage from the lighting strike. WE is working very hard to get things straightened out, so please be patient. They don't like being down anymore then all of us like them down. In the mean time, besides catching up on those chores (lol) try visiting some other cams. As most of you know the Eagles at Blackwater have 2 eggs. Why not check them out at ~ Eagle cam or one of the many other sites to see birds listed on EAGLES N MORE.

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