Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What can be seen above the bush ??

A raffie, of course.

Hello there.

Oh no, problems with the jigga. Rexon will investigate

Seems to be that off roading has caused the accelerator cable to malfunction. Here Rexon is walking next to the jigga as fast as it the jigga can go, lol. (Up hill that is)

With the jigga all fixed, Moses takes us out and we spot this Mongoose.

This was the only one showing itself. Moses says it was checking things out while the rest are safe in the mound.

Leopard track but alas that's all I saw of any leopard. Moses sure tried hard to find them though.

Dead tree that has been moved to a spot next to the waterhole. WE is going to use it to put a new cam up. So we'll have another view of the waterhole (from the other end) and they are hoping that this cam catches a lot more animal action.

Area surrounding new cam location. This is going to be so exciting. Hope things go as planned and it's up and running soon.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)

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