Monday, March 30, 2009


We find that cute little hippo and Mom . Jr is asking about gaining a bit of independence

Mom agrees but says not to go far.

MOM, something is coming this way !

I see dear. Just do as I say and follow me.

Hello there.

Oh, so you want to play hide-n-seek?
Ready of not here I come

I'll just take a peek under the water

The heck with it, this water feels good !

Wow, they sure did hide good, I can't find them anywhere.

Late comers to the fun but ready to join in.

Getting a bit crowded in this spot.

Splish Splash I was takin' a bath, all about a Sat night ... Sorry got carried away, lol.

I didn't realize the water was that deep so close to the edge there. Must be a hole.

They've frolicked their way to the other side.

Still no sign of the Hippo family and daylight is burnin' so it's off for more adventure and fun in the bush.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
To watch the archive of this Ellie good time CLICK HERE

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