Sunday, March 01, 2009


Seeing Nature through these eyes is always a treat.

Hornbill out and ...

and dust bathing.

Blue skies over head but not so in the distance

Definitely rain in this one

A small breeding herd of Ellies

The adults weren't very concerned but this youngster just had to show us how 'big' it is getting, lol.

Head shaking was the order if the day, lol. What a cutie !

Catching the drips ?

A couple of very large Bulls were following the Ladies

After leaving the Ellies we came across a female who looked to be going to deliver in the very near future.

This Harem had 2 young ones already.

Classic diamond pattern

This pattern will make it very easy to ID this one in the future. Notice the cheek pattern to your right is different too.

The next morning ...

and we find more Zebras. I looked and as near as I can tell a different bunch from the day before.

Rump pattern that stands out.

Not as distinctive as the other but still not the classic diamond.

Good black mud, a fav of those that wallow.

Francolins out for a stroll.

Dwarf Mongoose starting out their day.

Standing tall.

Lots of them.

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
That's it for this now. Caught a beautiful sunrise, saving those for later.

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