Monday, April 27, 2009


Karula and the boys gave us a delightful show.

Ready for an ambush.

Anything can peak the interest of a cub

What's going on over there?

Even has Mom's attention.

Be careful little one, that's very high up.

Oh no, hang on !

Hey, I meant to do that.

Not taking any chances this time, lol.

That branch looks a bit shaky.

The other cub ran into problems too.

Luckily he wasn't as high

Handsome aren't I.

On the way back down

No problems here.

Mom has her hands full with these 2.

Boys being boys.

Short break at the waterhole.

And it's on to the Styx pride, lounging in the shade.

That feels sooooo good.

An 'awwww' moment
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
You have to catch the vid of the cubs up the tree. Just awesome !

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