Friday, April 17, 2009


I don't know what any of you use to capture pictures on the various cams but I use that wonderfully 'free' MWSnap. Nice thing is that you can set up fixed sizes and repeat snaps of the same area with just a click. But this isn't about MWSnap it's about the wonderful surprise I got when I checked WildEarth today. The first shot is the size I've used to capture from WildEarth all along. The second, well that's the new size of our stream. It went from 399 X 317 to a whopping 570 X 317.

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
WE has posted all the technical upgrade info on WILDEARTH To be honest I have no clue what it means but if it's going to make everything better for us in the end, I say 'go for it'. They do ask that we all be patient while these changes are going on. Since it's going to involve people across the globe to complete the upgrades you can be sure that there will be glitches (isn't there always) so hang in there, this to shall pass and WE will be back on track better then ever. Thanks WE and everyone else who has a hand in giving us a window into a wonderful world called Djuma.

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