Sunday, May 31, 2009


I could spend hours watching these little cuties. Matter of fact I have, time just seems to get away from me. They are a delight to watch. And as they grow bigger, space is getting tighter. Lots of pushing, stepping on and general crowding make for some good shots. Mom and Dad seem to be making sure it's not only the one or two in front that get something to eat also, which is a good thing. I the 4th picture I'm counting 5 and number 6 hopped off to the left out of cam range. So I'm pretty sure there are 6 but it's so hard to tell. Mom went into the opening and was so far back I didn't even see her. So it may be I just can't see them all at once since the opening is not all that big, lol. And these babies are growing fast ! I first saw and posted on them on May 27th and today is May 31, what's that 5 days. Back then they were tiny little things that could fit nicely in the opening. Now they are hopping about and testing out their wings. Not easy to do in that little space either. More then once I've laughed as one is flapping others on the head. And it's not a flap or 2, they go so fast the wings are a blur! I also enjoy the close ups when the little ones check out the cam. It won't be very long before these cuties are long gone. So if you have some time, go check them out. But be warned, they are cute, there is lots to see and time will get away from you, lol. Even now as I write this I pause to switch back just to see what's going on, lol.

Images courtesy of (IRC cam) and Tony Gaynor (cam owner)

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