Wednesday, May 27, 2009


WildEarth sure is putting together a very nice selection of cams for us to view. In addition to the cams in the post below they have also welcomed a bird cam set up in South Kilkenny Ireland ! It says 'common robin' but after reading WE's blog about it (the cam owner says that there are several types of birds nesting) I'm thinking 2 things. 1 ~ It's only running during daylight hours (in Ireland) and 2 ~ the cam is moved from time to time. Today's view is a view of Blue Tits.

No matter the bird, babies are always hungry, lol.
I'd say this is Dad ...

and Mom. Same markings, color isn't as bright. Either way they sure are pretty little things.
Images courtesy of (Robin cam) and Tony Gaynor (cam owner)
Thanks to WE and Tony for bringing us yet another view of wildlife to enjoy. Well done.

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