Friday, June 26, 2009


With Winter coming on is South Africa, things are drying up and wild fires are a very real danger. To help control these, small areas are burned to create fire breaks.

And many came to take advantage of this area. A Yellowbilled Hornbill finds lots of treats.

Unusual to see, a Double banded Sand Grouse. They are usually around but hidden in the grasses.

Not so unusual but I liked the picture, a lone Nyala doe.

Just to cute for words.

Pieter made an interesting observation about this tree. Said it reminded him of a skeleton of a dragon. Can you see it?

Friends to many animals are the Oxpeckers. They help keep pesty insects to a minimum.

Steenbok doe

More of the baby ...

Mom must be trying to wean this little one but ...

finally gives in.

Smile your on WildEarth TV !

Now this had me zipping to the animal guide.

Don't remember ever seeing one of these. I discovered it's a Bush Buck. I love the markings on these.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam) , (Nkorho stream and Elephant Plains stream)

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