Thursday, July 09, 2009


The lone chick from the O.W.L. cam has grown quite large. I can't imagine how 2 of them would of fit in a nest this size.


Image courtesy of and (O.W.L. cam)

Been able to catch a short bit of the Drive and a fairly large herd of Buffs.

Checking us out

Buffs of all sizes, large and small.

While back at Gowrie, a much small group of breeding Ellies

Wait for me ! !

Nothing better then a mud pack for protection from insects and sun.

Drive started back up and we were treated to the picture in picture feature.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)

And a quick visit to peek in on the Cranes revealed one of the staff moving through the pens.

The right arm of the 'human crane' has the neck and head, complete with beak, at the at the end. A suit like this is worn by all staff members when interacting with the birds.

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