Thursday, August 13, 2009


Orpen is all about Ellies !
Nice size breeding herd visit on the evening of the 11th

Try as I might (with the help of zooming in, lol) I can't figure out if this is the same herd or not. I did notice with the first bunch that one of the bigger Ellies was tuskless but couldn't find her in the second group (but then she may be in there and I couldn't see her)

Images courtesy of (Orpen cam) and nakota

Just 1 buff

Zebras every which way (you certainly captioned this one right nakota, love it!)
Images courtesy of (Satara cam) and nakota
I've been busy lately with checking cams and have lots of pictures. Problem is two-fold. First I have to sort through and pick which few to share (that may take hours, lol) and then find the time to post them, lol. And everyday I keep getting more and more to sort through. Oh well, maybe I'll save them for a slow day at the cams and pull them out then.

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