Monday, August 03, 2009

WHAT AM I ????

I have spots

I am of the cat family
And my claws always stay out.

No I'm not a Leopard

I'm a Cheetah ! !

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
As the last shot shows this male Cheetah made a kill right outside camp and WE were 'Johnny on the spot' to get us there ASAP ! Thank you so much WE.
PS ~ Nakota I will get your things posted but this was just so exciting. And as I post this I have the Drive on and just heard that there may be a 2nd Cheetah in the area ! And possibly Wild Dogs coming our way too. Keep your fingers crossed folks. And your eyes peeled. I have to head to work soon so if you come across that other Cheetah and/or the Wild Dogs Please, please, please share. What a day !

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