Friday, September 18, 2009


Finally got some time to peek in on a Drive and what a Drive it was ! Had a wonderful surprise right out of the gate.

There were a total of 3 Wild dogs in the area.

And not to very far away a few Zebra

The Dogs didn't bother with the Zebra though

Then we came upon Hyena finishing off what looked to be a small Impala, not sure who's kill it was theirs, the dogs or ...

The Styx's pride. Something got their attention ...

just another game drive.

Couple of days later I found myself once again with time for a drive. First off a Hornbill ...

Then a lone Buff

some Warties

A Pied Plover (looked like he was dancing, lol)

and a young Heron

Then we got to see this group of Buffs. There was some friendly head pushing

and a lone Waterbuck.

A quick trip back to Gowrie has a Pied Kingfisher and one of the resident geese

Back on the 'jigga' the sunset was awesome (as usual)

Reflection of sunlight on a distant cloud

One horned Waterbuck

I seem to recall these affectionately being called 'Fleas'

And a visit from Karula

Off for a night' hunting.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)

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