Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Umm..where is everyone else?
Stripes and reflections! What could be better??

Ok, time for Zebra's!

Handsome bunch aren't we??

Zeb watches as the Wildebeest move off.

Once they've moved far enough off for Zeb's comfort, he too slacks his thirst.

Cool isn't it? Just like a mirror.

Could you get any closer? Jeesh, you'd think this was the only place to get a drink around here.

Looks so very white in this picture.

Quick pose....

and I'm outta here! I know how everyone likes those 'tourist views'. HA HA
Images courtesy of http://www.africam.com/ (Nkorho stream)/ http://www.wavelit.com/ (Africam) and DaveKay
Until later HAPPY VEWING !!

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