Thursday, March 01, 2007


1st update ~ The first egg at the Blackwater Eagle cam has hatched! I haven't been able to seek a peek yet, but I've heard from reliable sources that the eaglet was seen at 8:04 cam time ! Thanks to a sharp eyed Nakota and seconded by DaveKay.
As of this posting (I just watched the latest video) Mama Sita is still hanging in there. She is doing a lot of walking and standing up. So maybe we'll get some action tonight! If your one of those who can't get that cam for one reason or another, I have a treat for you. DaveKay did manage to get some photos of Mama Sita for us!

Mama Sita resting up for the big event

And she'll need lots of energy too!

Images courtesy of and DaveKay
I'm so glad DaveKay was able to get these. I can't wait for Mama Sita to end all this suspense and hopefully get some pics of the new Rhino!!
Until later HAPPY VIEWING !!

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