Wednesday, March 28, 2007


OK, there I was, Nkorho in the background so I could hear it, trying to label all the old posts (down to around 75 left!) and all of a sudden I hear a strange noise. Well I bring Nkorho up and I see a dark spot way back by the tree line. HMMM..what's this? We all know that the cam work hasn't been up to par lately so I waited and watched. Closer and closer the dark spot came. Ellie's ! There were Ellie's. WOO HOO. Been a long time since we've had this pleasure. So I start snapping away. Enjoy !

Here they come. 4 of them from the right.

But there's more from the middle!

Now the one on the right had issues today. With just about everyone!

Had to push and shove. 3 in particular were a might pushy.

Chasing each other down and squaring off.

Got quite loud. lots of rumbling too.
The camp jeep had pulled up but when this match broke out, it started back up and you could hear it move real quick!

Not content to leave matter lay, they take it to the grass.

Must be feelin' their 'oats' today ! !
Images courtesy of (Nkorho stream)
Until later HAPPY VIEWING !! (Back to labeling)

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