Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Once the Drive was over, I checked around and there wasn't much happening on the cams so I cheated a bit and used the handy dandy feature over at Africam to watch what went on at Nkorho that morning. Started out very busy.

The Boonies were just leaving, rather quickly I might add. Wonder why ...

I see why. A small group of Impala. But they didn't stay long either.

Maybe because this Zebra was on the way.

Make that 3.

Turned out the first 3 were the scouting party.

They line up like that and it's very hard to tell one from the next.
Images courtesy of (Nkorho stream)
When I was posting I noticed on the first Zebra pic that area at the top of the hind leg. So I looked at it again and yes that is a pretty nasty looking wound. Didn't seem to effect the Zebra as I didn't notice any limp. But I've read somewhere that injuries like that happen and they animals heal on their own. Mothernature taking care of her own.
Well got some more for you. Better get to them

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