Saturday, November 17, 2007


Up close Buff

Must of been chilly.

OK, did some investigating and have decided this is a ...

Brown Hooded Kingfisher

I really love the color

Images courtesy of (Wild Earth Drive cam) and DaveKay
That's right, DaveKay. It was his very first drive. He was so cited he forgot to hold on tight and lost his seat during the drive! But I have a feeling that he'll be back ! LOL
That's it ! All caught up (for now).
Reason it took so long to get all this posted is two-fold. 1) Been trying to get on a drive not the easiest thing to do as most of you know and 2) Granddaughter is about to make her debut ! ! !
Doc says it will be anytime now as the first stage of labor has started. But no one can know for sure when the big event will happen. So, I've been calling every few hours, asking if there's any changes. Think the kid is getting a bit tired of my calls, wonder why. LOL Guess I should just wait to get 'the call', sigh.
Until the next time HAPPY VIEWING !!

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