Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Tree House Dam area. Lots of green but no critters. Pieter says he's looking for a surprise, wonder what it could be?

What's this ? BIG Ellie track.

More Ellie tracks. Arrow points to 'toe'

Here's the surprise ! Buffs, about 200 total. Here they are just starting to come out of the bush.

Well they just keep coming and coming. Pieter now says there are more then he thought, around 300. And they are all around the landie

This herd and lots of young bulls in it.

This one was following the landie.

It's like a never ending stream, count is now around 400 buffs !

Even the younger ones wanted to check us out.

As we try to leave this guy is chasing us down !

But pulls up quickly when we stop. Well it's on to see what else we can find. Bye bye Buffs.

We get back on the road and within 2 mins we see this down the road.

She comes to check us out too. And since we are the visitors, we wait a respectable distance (besides she's awfully big)

And this is one of the reasons why they are so cautious. This little one is just about 2 1/2 months old.

Lots of Green stuff to eat.

And this Bull has lots of energy as a result of it. Was swinging his trunk back and forth.

Called Lion's Eye. Very pretty. Have a report on the radio of another surprise. Let's go check it out.

Now that's a Lions eye !

Doesn't look to happy to have his nap interrupted

This one doesn't even give us a look see! We leave them to their naps and will try to catch up later.

Rob caught site of this Snake Eagle. Smaller bird is a Forktailed Drango. The Drango (there were 2) were dive bombing the Eagle and succeeded in moving it along.
Now to find those Ellies again.

Well whata know, they found us ! This little one is close to a year old.

So little compared to Mom. She is the head of this group

As you can see Pieter's very excited.

First thing you'll notice is her tusks go 2 different ways. But take a peek at who's in the background! (This Ellie hasn't been named yet and I'm sure they've, WildEarth, have gotten lots of suggestions.)

While the landie goes in search of those 2 lazy Lions, we pop in at Gowrie. Duiker (?) and Boonie.

And a couple of Waterbuck.

Looks like we got here just in time !

The boys are up ...

and headed out.
Images courtesy of www.entertainmentafrica.com (Wild Earth Drive cam)

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