Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Wasn't at all tired after the drive so....stayed up a bit longer and checked out PP and NK. Probably missed tons of snaps but both places were so busy ! ! LOL Enjoy !

A Heron was there ...

along with the Geese and Impala (lots of them)

Hello what have we here ...

Yellow billed Stork. First time for me !

Then an Ellie showed up for a bit.

Yak, Yak, Yak

Caught what I think were a couple of Mongoose dashing through.

There's some more.

Vervets and Impalas

Everybody was hanging out this morning.

Yes I'm still here

Images courtesy of NGM (Pete's Pond)

Over at NK 1 Ellie

And a few raffie. Now I know that NK and Djuma are fairly close together and the raffies I saw there about an hour or so before had about 3/4 in group too. Wonder ???

Zebra and youngin'

A young raffie trying to decide ...
Drink or No Drink ?? (ended up no drink but did a lot of head bobbin' LOL)

Time for a break (While trying to get this shot right I missed another raffie going over to the remains from that Wildebeest. Was a young one checking out the horns)

Ellie still there. Couple of tours drove right by and didn't seem to bother him at all.

Would get a BIG mouthful of food then drop most of it out. Stuff, stuff, stuff and drop !

Should be very handsome when it's grown up !

Looks like this youngster has already
'experienced' the bush.
Images courtesy of http://www.africam.com/ (Nkorho stream)
Finally done. Thought since it was 3 am I really should get to bed, sleepy or not LOL.

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