Saturday, November 10, 2007


The Woodland Zoo bear cam is back up and running! It has several different views and is "streaming"

I think they are Denali, but it's been a long time and I'm not sure.
Images courtesy of (Bear cam) and Katie Girl

AND The Antarctica Penguin cam is back. At least four of them. The best one for viewing the penguins is the first one.

But if you ever think it's cold where you are, check out the other cams. LOL
Lazing about.
Images courtesy of and
Katie Girl

Also, the Meerkat cam at the Colorado Zoo is back up and running. The meerkats are wonderful as usual.
Good Morning !!

The giraffes have THREE small ones and they are adorable.
Images courtesy of (Meerkat and Giraffe cams) and Katie Girl

Snow has fallen in Ely, MN and that's the prettiest time for pictures.

Still there
Images courtesy of (Farm Lake cam) and Katie Girl

I think that covers everything I've seen. Except, of course, Pete's. THAT is absolutely wonderful. :D
Green backed Heron with dinner

Fun in the mud

Genet in tree

Wonderful rain

Harder still

Perfect evening
Images courtesy of NGM (Pete's Pond) and Katie Girl

My, My, My You've been very busy Katie Girl. Thanks for all the info.
Link to Penguin cam is under 'WORLD WIDE WEB CAMS' and Woodlands is on 'ZOO WEB CAMS' (I've changed that link so it now goes directly to the bear cam page. I had trouble finding it from that main site) Think that's it for this post folks
Until later HAPPY VIEWING !!

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