Saturday, November 10, 2007


Large herd of buff with young

Rest time

Happy buff (looks like it's winking LOL)

Young buff

Bush Baby in the middle of picture
Images courtesy of (Drive cam ) and Roy/Tester

Well whata know, shared a ride with Roy and Tester.

I emailed WE (Wild Earth) and wanted to know just how many buffs where in this herd ...

and they answered on cam. Rexon said this herd had between 180 and 250 buffs. Was part of a larger herd of around 500 that were around that morning.

One of the latest additions.

This is called
'Poisonous Apple'
While the plant in not edible the roots are.

Rexon says there is a turtle here, headed to a waterhole. Look closely towards top middle of shot.

Quick swing by the Hyena Den. Looks like they have moved to another den for a bit.

Couple of Waterbuck standing on a Termite mound. Can see better from up there.

And PM Drives always include a sunset. I never get tired of them.

Watch out, I'm headed your way !

Rexon said this one was
'exercising his horns' by rubbing them on the bush.

Ibis at Gowrie (switching to night cam)

Ran into The Judge. Good to see he's still around.

Sky view on night cam. Not as good as a color sunset but neat just the same.


More Buff

Small group of Ellies

Rexon got very excited when he saw this baby (in the middle). Said it was only days old.


White-tailed Mongoose

Good night.
Images courtesy of (Wild Earth Drive cam)
Well Roy and Tester, it certainly was a pleasure to go on a Drive with you 2. Thanks for making some room. Look forward to sharing many more with ya.

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