Sunday, January 13, 2008


Got on about half way through the drive

Caught Pieter picking up a Lemonade package, seems the wildlife like lemonade too (yeah right)
Vultures nest surrounded by Weaver nests. They do this as a measure of protection from snakes, which would have to pass by the Vulture nest to get to theirs. Pretty smart.

Very hairy Caterpillar, it's been my experience that hairy ones turn into Moths and smooth one into butterflies

Impala are alert, wonder what they hear?

Kudu feeding

Yes I see you over there

Blister Beetle. And they do cause a blister if smashed against the skin.

Pieter coming back from a break, doing a bit of sightseeing on his own

Black Bellied Koran, male


Back at the WH, speak no evil

Just a shot of the trees in the setting sun


Cut back to the WH and Jan is laughing at the Boonies chasing the Impala's (hard to see, sorry)

But the Impala give as good as they get and chase the Boonies.

After a bit the Boonies move off and leave the area to the Impala
I have set up the sunsets in a slide show. I hope you like. If it doesn't open in a new window just use your 'back' button to come back here.
Images courtesy of (Wild Earth Drive cam)

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