Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MORE from 1/28 PM DRIVE

African Monarch on Red star Zinnia

Jackalberry tree

Clear blue skies

Crested Barbet

Big Bull, ear tear helps ID this one

Duiker (Roy's shot was better then mine LOL)

Herringbone Grass

Showing us where the Ellie's walked through here already

Small family group at Gowrie WH

Little on getting muddy

Young Impala doing what Pieter called
'strutting' which consists of running and rocking at the same time

Quoting Pieter "Wait for me Mommy!"

Ground level view (took the cam off the landie for this one)

James, the cam op today, checking out the ellies

Another quote "I'm rubbing my head"

One with 1/2 tusk around 45 - 50 years old, in his prime

Why did the Ellie cross the road? To get to more Marula fruit of course!

Hi there

Puff Adder, see the heat censors on the bottom jaw

Remember this pattern if your ever in Adder country !

Great Drive, but it's time to go. Bye bye
Now I've set up a few slide shows too. Seems when all was said and done I ended up with 60 shots. So if you want to see more you can .
Next up is Ellies at Gowrie
And last Ellies in the Bush
Images courtesy of www.wildearth.tv (Drive cam)
Phew, so glad I got this done. Took a while but it was a very busy Drive. Hope you enjoy

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