Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1/29/08 PM DRIVE

Woodland Kingfisher

The 3 little ones are getting big

Oxpecker using Hippo as an island

Burchell's starling sunning on rock ...

then a stroll down the road

Marula fruit

Rexon bit it open to show us the inside. Contains lots of good stuff for animals and people. Often used by locals to make a beer

Rex enjoying his. Alex, today's cam op, took one too. I asked about these and found out that they aren't sour like a lemon but more on the order of oranges. You know how they are sometimes sweet and sometimes a bit sour. Google and read up on them, it's kinda interesting.

Unfortunately I didn't catch the name of this pretty bird, but it reminds me of something in the parrot family

This one I did catch, Common Bee Eater

Impala's looking healthy

Can you see me?????

Here I am ! ! !

Boonie's at Gowrie while switching to night cam

Scanning the dark. Looking for eye reflections. Rexon said that each animal has it's own blinking pattern. Of course I asked about some differences and found out that cats and other nocturnal animal's eye muscles are more active at night so they blink faster.

Rex has really good night vision, found a snake curled up in a tree ...

and this tiny little bird.

Scrub Hares - we interrupted them doing what rabbits do best LOL

Watching for blinking

Time to say Good Night.
Images courtesy of www.wildearth.tv (Drive cam)
Wow, getting on drives is so much easier with the new seats. Hope your all getting a chance to experience one for yourself.

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