Friday, February 01, 2008


Birdie at Pete's (not sure what that is possibly a Heron, hard to tell at night)

Look Ellie's

Oh a baby

Babies are so cute

Hiding in the bushes, do you think they play hide-n-seek?

Images courtesy of NGM (Pete's Pond) and Roy/Tester
Glad to see there is life other then a drive. Now I know that I've had tons of drive shots lately. And it's great that they've added those seats. But to tell ya true, it was more fun when we had to fight to get on. Don't get me wrong I love the drives and the new seats, it's just that I guess part of it was never knowing if or when you'd get a seat. Oh I'll still go on drives every chance I get, don't get me wrong, but will only post highlights of them for a bit. I feel like I'm drowning you in drive posts. And Egg time is coming up so got to make time for that. Well that should do it for this post.

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