Friday, February 01, 2008


This plant is called 'Devils Horn' and I'm sure you can see why.

The leaves of this plant have been used as a soap for hundreds of years or as Rexon would 'in the olden days'

He got some to do an experiment for us. First you strip some leaves off, crush them a bit and add water

Then rub your hands together. It will turn into a gel like form.

All clean ! Rexon is just full of information like this. If I ever make it to Africa I know at least 1 thing I can eat and how to stay clean !

Young Male, seemed a bit put off by our presence

OH Hyena with an Impala leg, hmmmm wonder where he got that ?

Hey look, a Dwarf Mongoose. Cute little guys

Spotted Owl

Vervet hiding in the tree, making lots of noise

Wonder what it is he sees. Rexon got out of the landie to check. He pretty much knows what it is just checking to see which way he went.

And here is what he found. This shot shows the Leopard eating dung. It's to help their digestive system, which makes sense since I know my cat used to eat grass every now and then too. Rexon said that dung has lots of grass in it. Wonder why he just doesn't eat grass?

Checking what's blowing on the wind

This guy strolled right down the road with us following. Every so often he would go to the right or left and 'mark' his territory.

Oh no, bad signal and we are back at the WH. Just in time to catch some Waterbuck

Oh good, got the signal back. Notice how close we are behind him

Not sure why but he decided to roll around a bit and at this point we are stopped 6 feet away

Nothing like a good roll in the grass

Back on the move and checking things out

Are you still back there ???


At this point 2 things happened. 1 ~ the connection there went bad and 2 ~ the Leopard went out of our area. When we got back from the sorry screen and into the landie we had about 2 mins and the batteries on the cam died.


Images courtesy of (Drive cam)


All in all it was a very good drive



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