Sunday, March 16, 2008


Good Morning again!

I have a bunch of shots here from various drives, so I went ahead and threw them into the same box (with captions, yet!).

Hope you like! ~ DaveKay
The Great Gray One

Bobbing for lunch

Tails it is!

A mud bath in town costs a fortune!

Out here, it's free!

These shots really can't convey the spectacle of this ritual!

Lone tree

Keep on trackin' !

Curious little guy!

Grazing buddies

Family portrait

Lone eagle

Goin' for the good stuff!

Don't tempt me! (Hey I saw this drive. Couple of Francolin got less then a foot away from the Beacon Male and pushed their luck. They were indeed lucky, they got away with it)

What a face!

Images courtesy of (Drive cam) and DaveKay
I can now watch the Drives and save shoots. Haven't tried posting from the 2nd computer as of yet. A project for another day LOL

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