Sunday, March 16, 2008



Caught these this afternoon(Fri 1/14) while the Blackwater eaglets were getting a snack from Mom/Dad! I left the entire nest in the picture to compare the size of the young'uns to the nest size. If we check about 10-11 weeks from today, you'll see how big they grow in that time! Right now, CUTE is the key word here! LOL

Enjoy! ~ DaveKay

Images courtey of (Eagle cam) and DaveKay
Well I'm almost caught up LOL. Hubby got a laptop and I wanted to hook up a 2nd computer (for those drives LOL) and man was that a project. The 2nd computer is an old, old Dell running Windows 98 (nightmare in itself) and we had to do the router thing. Then he wants to share the printer which was another issue, getting the networking and security just right. But finally I think we have it all sorted out (for now anyway). Crossed fingers and toes LOL

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