Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm sending you two web addresses - one for general knowledge for anyone who wants to know more about Nkorho Pan, and one for a human interest story.

The first address is:

This addy takes you to a website that has maps and GoogleEarth images of the Pan, and links to other websites concerning the parks in the area. Neat stuff!

The other concerns a news story I saw on T.V. this morning. A baby zebra was found grazing along the interstate near Atlanta, GA, It had apparently fallen off a truck, and then was struck by another vehicle. Upon examination, it was found that it had sustained serious injuries to its pelvic region. It was cleared to be taken to a place called Noah's Ark, where it was treated for its injuries. However, the extent of its injury included a badly shattered pelvis. It was taken to Auburn University Medical Center, where surgery was successfully performed. It will become a permanent resident at Noah's Ark, which is an animal rehabilitation center and a haven for abused children. This was the first that I had ever heard of this place, so I dropped in on the website, mainly to donate to Evidence's recovery -- that is what they named the zebra! While there, I watched a very touching video on Noah's Ark. I was very impressed, to say the least. The web address is Check it out. It's definitely been added to my list!

Thanks DaveKay. I'll add the Nkorho one over on African Web cam and the Noah's Ark to the US Web cam pages for future viewing ease.

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