Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thought it might be neat if everyone could see where others who come here are from. I found it when I was checking out the Noah's Ark site and just had to have one here. I see all the places (countries and cities) at my counter site but that's kinda hard to share with you, so thence the Map. Hope you find where others are from as interesting as I do.
Also I wanted to tell everyone ~ If you haven't lately you gotta check out the WildEarth blog. We all know that Pieter has a way of bringing the bush to us on a Drive, a deep love of nature and that he has an amazing eye for a good photo, But that's not all there is to know about him. Now I'm not going to spoil it for you by telling you what that something else is. Go to their blog and read WE hear them Roar and Things that go Bump in the Night. Some of you may have already checked there and know what it is I'm talking about (matter of fact I know you have). so don't spill the beans ! LOL There is also a piece on Rexon that is very good. Along with some info on Dan Querido, the new Director at WE. You'll need to go to the second page to see it all but it's well worth it.
And I have an update on that little Zebra, Evidence.
Update 04/16/08:
Noah’s Ark Founder/Director visited Evidence at Auburn University on April 14 for two hours. While he is very frightened and traumatized, this amazing baby amused himself by digging in her purse like a child. Auburn is working on readying him for the transition to come home to his forever home at Noah’s Ark. He still needs prayer – in his fright he has pulled out stitches and his catheter. We are working toward getting him home as soon as possible so we can provide the 24-hour TLC he needs. Our vet will continue his care and stay connected with Auburn.
Your generosity has met the fees for his professional care at Auburn. We don’t yet know what the costs will be for his recovery – and for his daily care as we work to provide him a barn, feed him (at $75 a bucket for his special milk formula!), etc. THANK YOU!!

Special Need : Evidence needs a two-horse, bumper pull horse trailer with a loading ramp to take him to the vet and to transport him around our own 250 acres. If anyone wishes to donate one, please let us know. (Your gift will be tax-deductible.)
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I have a few more posts waiting but want this to stay up for at least a day so will hold off on posts til later.

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