Tuesday, April 01, 2008


If your here then it's a given you like Wildlife. If you like Wildlife you want to help make sure that they have habitats where they are free to live and die as nature intended. One way to help is by 'Living Greener'. You hear about it all over but what can you do to help? Well I found an article that outlines just what you can do. Now I can't copy the whole thing here (there isn't space and it isn't mine to post) but I can give you the URL.

It's www.hubpages.com/_greeninfo/hub/How-to-live-green--choices-to-help-the-environment

The site that it's set up on is pretty cool too. There are lots of articles on tons of subjects. Their URL is


Hope you find the article on Green Living and the site itself useful. It looks as if it's something like a blog where anyone can post about stuff they know about, tips others may be interested in that kind of stuff. Look around, who knows you probably have something you can write about. I'm kicking around the idea of writing about animal webcams but don't know a whole lot about them other then the good ones to watch, maybe I'll go for current happenings on the cams LOL DaveKay you could write about 'How to attract critters to your backyard' Just may be that others would love to know how you do it (hint hint LOL)


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