Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Good Evening!

Hope your weekend went well! Ours was chilly, but nice. I noticed that the first ruby-throated hummers were spotted as close to us as Charlottesville, VA on the 28th of this month, so I put out my first hummer feeder today! Wish me luck! It was a bust last year, so I'm due! Just like Pieter and his ellies! LOL
I have a bunch of odds and ends from past drives that I wanted to send to you before I put them in a folder. A lot of them are one-time shots that will never come around again, so here they are (captioned, of course!): ~ DaveKay

Now THIS is a face! (male steenbok)

A nice mixture

A competitive male nyala. Check out the spinal mane! (I saw them once, struttin around)

On the hunt

More African "sunworks" (I was on this one, it was spectacular)

A dove couple settled in for the night

Another shot of Rexon's previous "hitchhiker", on its home web...

A family of crested francolins, in for the night

A pearl-spotted owl. Cute! (Was this one one where it was eating and dropped it then flew down to the road?)

Pieter did a good job of setting up this shot

My Rocky's African cousin!

Glossy starling

Lilac-breasted roller. This bird reminds me of the colored chicks you used to get at Easter...

Kingfisher. Usually the first thing you hear when you link up with the "Drive" in the morning

Bush hare

Pastoral scene

Looks like this little fella just stepped off a carousel!

Real handsome!

Clean-up man (vulture). Striking-looking bird, though.

Go-away bird. One of Booger's distant relatives, I'll bet! (Possibly but I'd be more inclined to say related to Dirty Bird ~ for those of you wondering Booger is my Ring-necked parakeet and Dirty Bird is one of my Cockatiels)

A magpie shrike

Last, but certainly not least, a stare from one of Karula's lovely daughters!
Enjoy !
Images courtesy of http://www.wildearth.tv/ (Drive cam) and DaveKay

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