Sunday, June 15, 2008


Good Afternoon!

Caught some good action with a frisky ellie bull on the P.M. Drive today (Friday), and I wanted to pass it on to you ASAP. I've added some captions (oh, dear...)

The crew is tracking a young ellie bull who was just at the Pan

They spot him in the bush

Moving in for a "hello".

The young bull reciprocates with his own "hello"!

Seeking a safer distance from our friend

THAT'S a "safer" distance?

Flapping ears could be an indication...

of another "greeting"!

A "hurried" shot from Alex shows the reason for the speedy departure!

A loud trumpet for effect.

A brief "lull" in the action.

Sizing them up for another "charge"...

Here it comes!

After making his point, our friend trundles off...

And our intrepid crew moves on to their next adventure...
Images courtesy of (Drive cam) and DaveKay
Captions courtesy of DaveKay
That was fun to watch! Glad I caught it! ~ DaveKay
Wow ! How exciting that was. And I bet Pieter was lovin every second of it lol. I'm glad you caught the action to DaveKay. Thanks for sharing.
Until the next time HAPPY VIEWING !!

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