Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Afternoon!

I'm sending along a series of stills from, from the Hancock-sponsored Eagle's Nest which is located along a busy back road in Delta, British Columbia, Canada. This is the one featured in the video I sent you, showing the stuffed toy being delivered to the nest via "air mail"! The stills clearly show the toy as it is moved around in the nest by the parents. For a time, it appeared as if they were rearranging the nest in order to make room for it. Maybe the chicks liked how soft it was , and asked if they could keep it! They were laying up against it most of the time I was watching!

I thought you might enjoy them. Had I not been checking on all the eagle camsites, I would have missed it! ~ DaveKay

Images courtesy of (Eagle cam), Hancock and DaveKay
Here is the Vid ~

This is the eagle's nest I've been watching, and the teddy bear is still there! ~DaveKay

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