Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I've been following a story on one of the Ellie Sanctuary's most beloved residents. I am a regular recipient of the "Trunklines" and the "Ele-buzz" newsletters, so I've known about this for some time. I think it's worth reading.
On the blogsite, go to "US web Cams". Click on "Tenn Elephants" Once you get to the website, look for the navigation bar at the top of the page -- put the cursor on "Our Elephants". On the drop-down menu, go to "Asian Ele-Diaries". Once you're on that page, scroll down to the first entry, dated March 9. It's about Delhi. I've attached the picture that accompanies the article. There are other earlier entries in the Diary concerning her, and they're worth reading. All these entries just reinforce my feelings about these very extraordinary animals, and how incredibly sensitive and compassionate they are, and their amazing interaction is really something to behold.
I think you"ll understand what I'm saying after you read a few of these entries.


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