Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Evidence has Emergency Surgery

Emergency Trip Back to Auburn University

On Monday morning, June 23, Jama and "Pop" Hedgecoth at Noah's Ark rushed Evidence the baby zebra back to Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine for emergency surgery. They noticed that when he urinated, the flow was not coming out properly and knew that the urethra had begun to close up - a life threatening situation for the zebra who had already suffered from traumatic injury and had been abandoned.

The Auburn team rushed him into surgery and performed a permanent urethrostomy. This provides a permanent alternative path for an animal to eliminate fluid waste from the body.

The original injuries that Evidence sustained as a result of being struck by a car included a severed urethra. A temporary catheter was in place for several weeks, but it had gradually worked its way out, allowing the opening to begin to close. The urethrostomy is a procedure that has been successful in domestic animals.

Following the surgery, Evidence began to recover, with Noah's Ark founders Pop and Jama by his side. "He likes me," says Jama, "but he LOVES Pop!"

As the little guy began to awaken and move around, he begin to have an adverse reaction to the anesthesia. He began to exhibit signs of colic, a condition that can occur in equines. It advanced to an emergency situation and doctors decided his stomach would have to be pumped. As the night wore on, it was touch and go for this brave little zebra.

After Evidence's stomach was pumped, Pop began to walk him to help ease the colic. Each time Pop would step away from him, the baby zebra would become agitated, calming only when Pop was back at his side.

It was long night for everyone, and included much prayer - it even appeared that Pop and Evidence were in prayer together!

At long last, the colic began to ease and it appeared that Evidence had once more pulled through with a strong will to survive.

As Evidence began to recover, he began to regain his personality and start to show the feisty spirit he has become known for at Noah's Ark. Pop allowed Evidence to wear his hat - the one the zebra likes to snatch from Pop and throw around in his stall!

After a long, anxious night, the veterinary staff at Auburn pronounced Evidence ready to go home and begin his recovery at the Ark.

This time the little guy didn't have to ride in the back of Noah's Ark's Children Care Homes van.. He rode to and from the University in a two-horse trailer that was made possible through generous donations.

On Tuesday, June 24 at around Noon, Evidence, Pop and Jama rolled back into Noah's Ark's front gate. "We're exhausted," said Jama,"...all except Evidence!" she laughed. "He's back in his barn with his toys and acting full of himself again."

So it would appear, as he gives a gap-toothed smile just outside his barn door - revealing the place where two front teeth were knocked out during his interstate ordeal. But, not to worry - the docs say they were baby teeth and should come back in when he's about two-years old.

Please keep this sweet baby boy in your prayers as he continues to recover and yet again shows "evidence" of God's Grace in action. And don't forget to come and meet him at Noah's Ark on Saturday, July 12 at Noon!

I weight 279 pounds now - I've gained 59 pounds
since coming to Noah's Ark! I still drink Folac milk replacement two times a day, and I love it!

Info/Images courtesy of http://www.noahs-ark.org/ and DaveKay

Thanks for keeping all us up to date on this little guy. He sure looks like a character and is such a cutie.

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