Monday, July 07, 2008


Boy oh boy, these are a treat for all your senses. DaveKay has a new toy and all of us can enjoy it. I've only seen a few of these as of yet but the ones I have seen are awesome.

We all know that DaveKay has given us much to enjoy from past drives in the pictures he's sent for Little Bit. But now he's working on putting some of his best shots into videos (with music) ! I really do recommend you taking the time to view these, you will not be sorry.

Here is the link (I'll also add it over on the right since I think it will show new vids as they are added)

If you enjoy these videos as much as I think you will, please let DaveKay know by leaving your comment. (It's always nice to hear when you've brought a smile to someone's face)

Until later HAPPY VIEWING !!

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