Thursday, July 31, 2008


Drive highlights from the 25th, 28th and the 30th. Enjoy !

Just before the Drive ended this bunch showed up

Those faces sure have character

Look closely at the right edge ....

the herd sure turned the waterhole into a mudhole. I think that is Pieter checking things out.

And a final goodnight from the control room

Earlier this young Waterbuck was resting up. See the tiny little horns starting to grow. And I love the heart shaped nose

Of course we have to see the trademark
'bulls eye'. I still remember the story one of the drivers trying out told about how and why they have that ring.

All alone but ...

not for long, lol

These guys had quite a time on the 28th

"You can have a turn when I'm done"

Now for the 30th. I got on in time to catch this ...

I didn't catch her name though

She has a full belly and spent some time grooming

Notice her right eye. Pieter said that she lost it in some type of altercation with a Male Leopard awhile ago

But it doesn't seem as if it affects her ability to survive

She sure is pretty

Also got a quick glimpse of a Warthog or 2.

Well lookit that, we got Pieter on the cam and Alex driving. Sadly Alex is leaving WE and this was his last Drive. He goes with well wishes and an open invit to return when he can.

Alex your sense of humor and easy ways will be missed. Good luck in all you do.

Night all
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Now you may have noticed that all these shots say '' in the bottom right hand corner. That's because along with the stream on netoneplace, you can watch it at in flash. Also pop over to the WE blog and watch some really good vid's that viewers have put together to say goodbye to Alex. WE is growing by leaps and bounds and each one of us benefits with more to see. Thanks WE and all the sponsors.

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