Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I'll start with the not so good news. Mainly because I want to get it over with but also because it doesn't have to stay bad news. I'm a member of WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) and yesterday I got an email about the Polar Bears. They included a link, which follows of course, that I think everyone should watch. And as wildlife lovers (you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't) I'm sure you understand why I felt the need to pass this along. Here's the link ~

I'm not asking you to donate, unless you feel the need to, but I am asking that you do your part in helping to at least slow down Global Warming by using energy-saving appliances/bulbs, not using gas powered items when you can (walking is good for the soul ya know, gives you time to ponder and enjoy nature & letting the grass grow a bit more never hurt anyone), recycling everything you can and all those 'Green' things you hear about now.

Now for some really good news. DaveKay brought this to my attention. It's wonderful news and I'm gonna bet Mothernature will be doing 'The Happy Dance' when she reads this. The article explains itself so without further ado ~

Report: 125,000 gorillas found in African zone

Thanks DaveKay for passing this on, good news is always welcome.
Well that's it for this post. More later and HAPPY VIEWING !!

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