Tuesday, September 23, 2008


WOW what an hour it was. Started when I came across these Boonies.

Must of seen 3 or 4 little ones.

They all ran back to mama when the Impala came through

Hey what was that ? It's sooo BIG !

All alone for the moment

The Boonies moved out when this Buff came in.

AHHHH Glorious mud

Sadly, this Buff was limping. Seemed to be favoring the right front leg.

Slowly he makes his way off.

Now here is a very nice looking guy !

Impressive too !

Then it was Raffie time !

Now that's a perfect picture of South Africa. Well one of them anyways LOL
Images courtesy of http://www.wildearth.tv/ (Drive cam)
And all of this before the Drive ! Wonder what the Drive will have in store for us. I'll be able to catch a bit of it and let you know.

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