Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I got wind of a 'kitty' over at Nkorho and hurried over. But all I saw was her walking passed.

Then this little guy showed up. There was a bit of a debate as to whether it was a Jackal or a Bat-earred Fox.

Hard to tell.

It didn't stay still long enough to get a real clear view.

Because our 'kitty' was still close by. Wonder if the bulging tummy means she just ate or little ones??

Nice look at the 'ear spots'

Wonder why she was all alone ??


Very pretty, isn't she ?

Hmm ... wonder what she sees ??

What ever is was I guess it wasn't to exciting. LOL

Well I checked back later to see if the 'kitty' was still there and she was replaced by he.

But he didn't hang out too long. Sure wish he would of gave us a better look at his face though.

Images courtesy of http://www.africam.com/ (Nkorho stream)

What an exciting time it was. I check Nkorho every so often but never see more then the waterhole. Definitely worth the wait.
(Not sure if we have a Jackal or Bat-earred Fox so I used both labels)

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