Tuesday, September 30, 2008


All the ladies lined up for a drink.

Time to go.

Hey where they going ??

This sure does taste good.

Hmm ... she's leaving too

Wonder why?

One last drink ...

Oh they haven't gone that far ...

Maybe one more ...

OK they've gone far enough without me, I'm outta here !

Wow, almost all the water is gone.

Pieter heading down to take a closer look.

That's a loooong ways down !

Wonder what he's lookin at ??

What is he doing now !

Hm... testing how wet the mud is OR just playin in the mud ??

Clean up

Hey, where'd he go ????

Whew, thought we lost him there. LOL

Wartie den ...

Pieter tossing clumps of dirt in to see if anyone is home. Well boys will be boys.

No one home so he goes up top to see if they might be in the area.

I have a feeling that Pieter gave his Mom a few gray hairs as a kid, LOL

Then back at Gowrie, the buffs and is that a Waterbuck ?? Been a while since I seen one of those

Hey there's the Wartie Pieter was looking for, LOL

Another 'stately' visitor

Hey, are you in my spot ??

Get yourself outta there !

Fine, I'll just lay over here then !

Images courtesy of www.wildearth.tv (Drivecam)

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Joselyn Soto said...

nice pictures... wonderful job. keep going.
Joselyn from Dominican Republic