Monday, October 20, 2008


Well Hello there handsome.

Big teeth and

sharp eyes on this guy

may mean trouble with this bunch.

He catches the scent

and sizes up the situation

then stands up for a better view.

We could see some action. This guy has a full belly and is alone. There are 8 Buffs, hmmmm ... odds are in the Buffs favor I'd say but never can tell. Will they stand their ground or give way ??

Everyone waits to see what will to place.

The tension and excite mount.

The Buffs look alert but confident

On the move

Now you see me ...

now you don't !

Ah but Rexon drives around to the other side of the Termite mound.

Still has the Buffs in sight.

Vervet sounds the alarm in the distance.

Sadly, I lost connection but heard that the Buffs gave in and vacated the area. Rexon was saying that this guy had a very 'proud' walk which went a long way in convincing the Buffs to move on.

Interesting scars on his nose, will help to ID him at a later date.

Just like he was posing for us.

Though he is still keeping an eye out in cause the Buffs change their minds.

Looks so clean but Rexon said very smelly when the wind shifted a bit lol

He sure is one good looking Lion

and seems to know it too lol

Bet he'll 'break a few hearts' when his mane is full.

Hey Rexon, you have a Lion on your head!

Even from a distance, he sure is impressive.

On his way back to the 'kill'. Which one I don't know since Rexon said that there is a kill between the Buff from DaveKay's series and Gowrie. Seems this other one was a young Nyala.

Rexon was very excited to have Lions back in the area. And with one last look back, he's on his way.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
Wow what a way to start a Drive. Even if we see nothing else, it's been time well spent. I have around 300 shots of this guy so putting this together was a bit tough. Hard to pick and choose. Which it why I broke it up into 2 parts.

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