Monday, October 20, 2008

10/19/08 PM DRIVE PART 2

Well, now we're off to see if we can find Karlua. Wouldn't that be a treat !

Cloudy , maybe get some rain later.

Rhino dung.

Rexon explaining all the information that the rhino pass to each other through dung.

Now that's a big hunk of dung. And I thought my dog left big piles, lol.

Rexon says it's like a 'passport' for Rhinos. And if you want to move Rhinos from one area to another, you simply step in and smash the dung then walk where you want then to go, they tend to follow the scent. Interesting.

Lilac Breasted Roller just starting to show those rainbow of colors.

Back at Gowrie, the Boonies are enjoying a Sunday afternoon.

With one curious little 'George'

Wonder what our little George thinks ??

Ahmmm...Maybe it's safer back by Mom.

Impala mosey in.

Now that's a way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon !

Impala were a bit jumpy and I can't say I blame them. Never know who's still around.

Only 1 Goose hmmmm, usually see them in pairs.

Wait ... maybe that's the mate flying in.

Could be, ah closer please.

Nope. It's a lone Ibis.

What a profile.

Another shot of the Impala

Back on the drive, we catch a peek at a Zebra. He too is a bit nervous.

Then we came across this Raffie. He was scratching and eating at the same time. Grab a bite then dip.

On an 'up stroke'

You can tell Males from Females by the horns. Males are wider and thicker and more bald on top (according to our faithful guide Rexon)

Rexon says these clouds mean "BIG THUNDER" for later. I know they are looking for rain. I wonder if Gowrie will ever fill up again.

Sunday is drawing to an end...

and darkness comes quickly to the bush.

In no time at all we can barely even see. So time to switch gears.

Hey, Rhino !

As you can see, it's a 'Wide mouth' or White Rhino.

Just hangin out.
Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
Well we never did find Karula, but still was a exciting time. Thanks Wildearth crew for another great Drive !

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