Friday, October 10, 2008


Look what Roy has sent ~

thermal images cam at night

How cool

Marsh Pride

Titled 'noname' But I'm thinking Bat-earred Fox.

Images courtesy of and Roy/Tester

We had a new big cat live TV program start as well on Sunday that was going out live and for the rest of the week. We saw a cheetah with 5 cubs the first night and a male lion was after them. Next day, there was only 3 cubs. Nothing confirmed yet as to where they are but it don't look good. ~Roy

Thanks Roy and Tester for sharing these. Looking forward to many more and any updates on the cheetah cubs but I think you may be right on the outcome from that encounter. We can always hope that Mom felt 5 would be to hard to keep track of and hid the missing 2 somewhere for the time being.

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