Thursday, October 09, 2008


I just got an email from Defenders of Wildlife and it had something in it I want to share. While we should all be doing this all the time, wildlife activity happens everyday, it seemed like a good reminder. Below you can find the article and link ~

Fall can be a dangerous time to be on the roads. As daylight grows shorter, drivers need to be extra cautious -- not only for little ghouls and goblins on Halloween, but for deer, raccoons and other wildlife as well. Experts estimate that up to 1.5 million wildlife-vehicle collisions occur in the United States every year -- and October and November are top months for these types of accidents. Over 300 people are killed and 29,000 are injured in wildlife-vehicle collisions every year in the U.S., and 85% of deer-motorcycle collisions result in a human fatality.Roads are also a leading cause of decline for some species. In fact, 50 percent of all endangered Florida panther deaths are from vehicle collisions.This fall, Watch Out for Wildlife by pledging to...

  • Drive with caution in wildlife areas and tell your friends and family to do the same.
  • Report wildlife vehicle collisions to wildlife and transportation agencies.
  • Participate in state and local planning and voice your concern about the negative impacts of roads on wildlife.

    Take the Watch Out for Wildlife pledge, download your free digital WOW kit and spread the word!

    Article courtesy of Defenders of Wildlife

    Thanks to all who take the time to slow slow for our 'wild friends'


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