Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Checking out a water hole

When will the rains come?

Not sure if he's showing how far down the cracks are or showing it's wet that far down. (Stream froze and I missed that part)

I hope we soon won't be seeing this.

Back at Gowrie it's 'ring-around the Waterhole' time

Looks like a couple of youngsters there

Old water pipe in the road that Pieter doesn't like.

But a cut here ...

a twist there ...

a bit of sawing ...

and no more pipe sticking up in the road. He's taking it back to camp where it just may come in handy.

More checking at yet another waterhole

He says it's very spongy to walk on

Hopefully there's rain in them there clouds.

Now there are some Dwarf Mongoose but they are a bit cam shy.


Images courtesy of (Drive cam)


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