Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Just had a feeling I should check out the Drive and boy was I on !. At first all I saw were these Hyena. Don't see them often, so I thought 'pretty cool'. I've gotten to love their faces, so expressive.

Then I saw 'her'. Oh boy, what's up here?

Seems there were 6 Hyena

with the snatched remains of a recent kill.

Now what are those Hyena up too ?

Not sure why this one turned out black and white but I like it.

Now just look at those faces, darling.

How can you not like them.

She seems a bit more interested now.

Looks like about all that's left is the large piece of hide.

And I think the lady wants it.

As she moves in for a closer look ...

the Hyena mostly move away.

But don't go to far.

Success, she now has it.

And doesn't intend to give it back.

My, what
big teeth you have.

But the Hyena don't seem to concerned about her big teeth.

Wonder what they're planning now

How close will they go ??

Close enough ??

Images courtesy of (Drive cam)
Rexon was fairly quiet during this siting. He said several times that it was rare to see interaction between Hyena and lions here at Djuma. Mostly because it happens at night and in thick bush. He let the wonder of nature speak. There are tons more shots but I really can't use them all, would take forever to do, so I put up the highlights. Now I'm sure that someone got a vid of the whole thing and has posted it over at if you'd like to watch it for yourself. If I have time I'll head over and find it then add the link here. But all the cams are getting busier and it's hard to post and cam watch at the same time. Like right now there's been Warties, Boons, Impala, Buffs, Zebra and a Raffie at Gowrie and I've been going back and forth trying to get pictures lol. So if this seems a bit jumbled, it probably is.

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