Thursday, November 27, 2008

11/26 DRIVE

Rains have brought color to the drives
Wild Lillie's

Whats left of a buff (of course I missed the Lions, lol) The ribs are very flat, Pieter says to help protect the vital organs inside


Just look at the green.


Termite mound building in progress

Hard to see but they were very busy.

Termite that still has wings but not for much longer. They fall off.

Morning Glories (Look a lot like Petunia's don't they?)

At Gowrie, a Heron was on patrol (was switching back and forth, lol)

Starling chicks almost too big for the nest now.


Goose egg.

The Goose. Pieter says he was never seen this behavior before. It appears that she is 'hiding'

Pieter went out to retrieve the egg.

Notice he took his flip flops off.

Showing us how large the egg is. And since it was just laying out in the open like that, he assured us the the egg is not viable. More then likely it is the 'victim' of a nest raid.

Leaving the egg to nature. Come what may.

Showing us his new 'shoes' lol

Weavers are busy busy

Summer is on it's way !

Images courtesy of ( Drive cam)

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